Wine List

All our wines give good nose, so swirl and take their bouquet.
Tastes are free for all these wines, so try something new!

windfall-wine3Echeverria, Chile, Chardonnay, ‘15 glass: $8.50/ Bottle: $33.00
Simple, tasty and clean, a great value and without flaw.

d’Orsario, Italy, Pinot Grigio, ‘15  glass: $8.50/ Bottle: $33.00
The real deal: fragrant, fresh and crisp with a nice minerality

Huia, New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough ‘14 glass: $9.50/ Bottle: $37.00
A scrumptious New Zealand sauvignon blanc made with organic grapes and certified organic in its making. Tropical fruit and lime notes accompany the classic piquant sauvignon blanc nose and a rich palette makes this a down-under wonder.

Fritz, Germany, Riesling – ‘15 glass: $9.00/ Bottle: $35.00
YES, there is sweetness, but it is also tart, and the two dance and you have to leave your prejudices at the door and enjoy its simple nourishment (Lower alcohol too!). 2015 is a great vintage.

J-Babtiste Ponsot, France, Chardonnay – Rully Premier Cru ’14 glass: $12.50/ Bottle: $49.00
Premier Cru from Burgundy. “precise, taught and ripe” so describes the vintner this wine. Sustainably and organically produced this is a beautiful example of French wine prowess.

Ud2, Spain, Parellada, ‘15: glass: $8.50 ($7 during Happy Hour)/Bottle: $33.00
An Argentinian varietal, torrents has many dimensions: an aromatic of herbs with rose, honey and tea notes accompanies a citrus, lemon palate with a long finish and spicy echoes

Pigoudet, France, Rosé – CProvence ’16. glass: $9.00/Bottle: $35.00
Fresh light and aromatic drinking stolen from a French summer’s sun.

windfall-wine9Pitch, Washington, Cabernet Sauvignon – Walla Walla, ‘14 glass: $8.50 ($7 during Happy Hour)/Bottle: $33.00
Our house cab: balanced, flavorful, with a smooth palette and rich dark fruit aroma.

Erste + Neue, Italy, Pinot Noir, ‘15 glass: $10/Bottle: $39.00
A soft easy pinot moir but with some depth. A blend of American and European styles with rich red fruit notes on the nose and palette accompanied by deeper earthy ones.

Atticus John, CA, Cabernet Sauvignon – Napa, ‘14 glass: $12.50/ Bottle: $49.00
Classic California cab with rich palette, perfect ripe dark fruit nose and chocolate highlights.

Robert Sineskey, CA, Pinot Noir – Los Carneros ‘12   glass: $13.00/ Bottle: $51.00
Elegant, organic California Pinot Noir with raspberry and bramble on the nose, a lush bouquet, a long finish and a velvet edge on the palette.

The Bubbly:
Korbel, CA, Brut  Bottle $36; Split $10
Moet & Chandon, Nectar Impérial   Bottle $80


Try & Buy:  Bottles ONLY:  $50
These are great values! If we told you how great, you would think we were exaggerating.  So why not let the wine speak for us.  TRY. Tastes are given from bottles with an argon Coravin device to assure they are fresh.
FIXIN, France, Pinot Noir – Côte-d’Or – Burgundy, Domaine Berthaut ’13
St. Aubin, France, ChardonnayCôte-d’Or – Burgundy, Vincent Latour ’13


God made us wine of earth and sun.
Small fools drink much; great fools drink none.



Updated December, 2017